News/Media | Bayland Buildings, Inc. makes $100,000 gift to Wisconsin Agricultural Education Center

Bayland Buildings, Inc. makes $100,000 gift to Wisconsin Agricultural Education Center

Feb. 19, 2016

GREEN BAY, WI - The Wisconsin Agricultural Education Center is excited to announce a $100,000 gift from Bayland Buildings, Inc. for its state-of-the-art educational center being built in Manitowoc County. This generous support for the capital campaign has added even more excitement for the project.

"Having an educational center focused on agriculture here in Wisconsin will allow visitors to learn how much of an impact our agricultural customers have on the local, state and national levels," states Steve Ambrosius, President and CEO of Bayland Buildings, Inc. "As of January 2016, Bayland is now 100% employee owned and our employees are proud to make this investment into a project we have seen grow and develop from the vision of a dedicated group of volunteers from the agricultural industry."

In recognition of the Bayland Buildings, Inc. lead gift, the welcome desk at the discovery center will be named in their honor. Visitors will have a chance to be greeted at the welcome desk as they enter the lobby of the discovery center.

"Bayland Buildings, Inc. is well known within the agricultural industry for constructing buildings which support the growth and change of agriculture," Julie Maurer, WAEC Board President states. "This educational opportunity supported by Bayland Buildings, Inc. will continue to help tell the story of agriculture to its visitors."

"The Wisconsin Agricultural Education Center is delighted to have the support of Bayland Buildings, Inc. They have been actively involved in our project since 2012, and this gift only magnifies how grateful we are for their partnership," Melissa Bender, Executive Director of the Wisconsin Agricultural Education Center. "This gift is another shining example of Bayland Buildings, Inc.'s incredible commitment to agricultural education."

More about the Wisconsin Agricultural Education Center:
The Wisconsin Agricultural Education Center will be a state-of-the-art agricultural education center located in Manitowoc County. It will provide visitors with the opportunity to connect to the industry by better understanding where their food comes from, and why agriculture is so important to them. The center will include a discovery center that features hands-on learning opportunities through many displays, and an opportunity to tour Grotegut Dairy Farm, which focuses on sustainability and best farming practices while still milking 2,400 cows three times a day. A highlight for visitors will be the chance to view the birth of calves from the Grotegut Dairy Farm at the Wisconsin Agricultural Education Center Birthing Barn.

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