News/Media | H&CS Custom Designed Solutions moves to Green Bay

H&CS Custom Designed Solutions moves to Green Bay

Sep. 19, 2014

GREEN BAY - Gov. Scott Walker was in Green Bay Thursday morning to celebrate the grand opening of a new manufacturing facility on the city's northeast side.

H&CS, which stands for Handling and Conveyor Systems, recently moved from Clintonville. The company's president said its new 32,500 sq. ft. building will allow production of conveyors and robots to increase.

"Looked at where we were at out in Clintonville," said John Cannell. "We were in a farm house and a couple pole buildings. Now you turn around and look at where we are today."

Cannell said everyone from the Clintonville facility was offered a job in Green Bay, and about a quarter of the employees moved. He said the company has 40 current employees, and the new location could lead to 15 new jobs.

The new facility is in Green Bay's University Heights Commerce Secretary. The building is on an 8 acre site, so the company can expand more in the future.

"The city offered us a really good deal on the property, and it just became a prime spot for us to build," said Cannell.

H&CS was first incorporated as a metal fabrication shop in Clintonville in 1975.

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