Services | Construction Management

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Construction Management services can be provided in a variety of ways. The two most common are CM at Risk and CM as an Advisor. The main difference between each service type is a CM at Risk takes the overall financial responsibility (risk) for a project and a CM as an Advisor does not. A CM as an Advisor is for the most part is purely a consultant on the construction process for your specific project. Bayland is primarily a Design/Build General contractor and we take overall financial responsibility for the majority of our projects and therefore we (in most cases) will operate under a CM at Risk approach to projects. This approach will protect our clients for the multitude of unforeseen issues that arise on construction projects. The following are services that are commonly provided as part of each construction project.

Pre-Construction Services & Options 

  • Assist in site selection and local approvals (if required)
  • Assist in selection of a primary design firm (via RFP process)
  • Assist in code interpretations (if required)
  • Review site design and solutions
  • Review structural system design and solutions
  • Review architectural design and solutions
  • Review MEP systems design and solutions
  • Offer input on alternative systems
  • Assist in LEED certification (if required)
  • Primarily advisory services
  • In progress (design) project budgeting
  • Pre-construction meeting attendance (recommended)
  • Design meeting attendance (recommended, if applicable)

Construction Service Options

  • Negotiate and/or bid to select a primary construction service firm
  • General Contractor and/or Major Prime Contractors
  • Bid all project divisions to subcontractors (preferred min. three bids per bid section)
  • Bid review and recommendations (includes all subcontractors)
  • Finalize the project cost
  • Establish a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) (if required)
  • Construction meeting attendance
  • Monthly construction inspections (additional inspections as required)
  • Manage all project Requests for Information (RFI), work with architect to develop Construction Bulletins (CB) and manage all project change orders
  • Document to project construction progress (photos, video’s, etc. as required)
  • Assist in LEED certification (if required)
  • Punch List attendance and review (as required)
  • Assist with preparing Owner Punch List
  • Obtain local occupancy permits
  • Project close-out review
  • “As-Built” drawing and specification review